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After we moved into a new home, I realized that the trees out front needed some serious attention. They were overgrown, tired-looking, and a little dangerous, so I started working with professional arborists to have them trimmed. It was a lot of work, but before we knew it, things had really improved. By the time they were finished pruning the branches, the trees didn't block the view of our home and we really felt like they would bloom better in the spring. Check out this blog for more information that could help you to keep your trees happy and healthy.

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How Chemical Tree Stump Removers Work & Why Stump Grinding Is a Better Option

If you have a tree stump on your property you want to get rid of, consider grinding it away. A stump grinding company can have the stump gone in a single day. However, you may wonder about using chemicals that are supposed to get rid of tree stumps, especially since the chemicals are so inexpensive, but these stump removers have drawbacks and they're slow to work. Here's a look at using chemicals to get rid of a tree stump and why grinding is better.

How Stump Remover Chemicals Work

Chemicals used to get rid of tree stumps often have nitrogen in them that speeds up the process of decay. However, since tree stumps can take many years to decay, speeding up the process could still take a matter of years. To apply the chemicals, you drill holes into the stump so you can pour in the granules. Then, you wait for the chemicals to make the wood soft enough that you can chop it apart with an ax and pull apart the wood to dispose of the stump. Chemicals don't do all the work, there's still labor involved and you still have to get rid of chunks of wood.

The Downsides of Using Chemicals

Besides having a decaying stump eyesore in your yard, it's possible the chemicals could pose a danger to your pets, kids, or wildlife if they play around the stump. For that reason, you may want to avoid using chemical stump removers. Chemicals high in nitrogen can also affect the soil and anything that tries to grow in the space for some time to come. That means you may have to contend with a bare spot where the tree was unless you dig out all of the affected soil, which further adds to your labor.

Why Grinding a Tree Stump Is Better

Grinding is a fast way to eliminate a stump without having to use heavy equipment or a truck to pull the stump out of the ground. If you need a stump gone in a hurry and you don't want to tear your yard up doing it, then calling a stump grinding company is the best option. You can have the stump ground away to the depth you want and fill in the hole with dirt so the space is ready for planting grass, flowers, or plants.

You won't have to wait years for a stump to decompose and put your home at risk of a bug infestation from the rotting wood or endanger your pets. If you get stump grinding services, you usually end up with no huge chunks of tree stump left to figure out how to get rid of. Instead, you'll be left with wood chips you can use for mulch or bag up and throw out in your trash.