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After we moved into a new home, I realized that the trees out front needed some serious attention. They were overgrown, tired-looking, and a little dangerous, so I started working with professional arborists to have them trimmed. It was a lot of work, but before we knew it, things had really improved. By the time they were finished pruning the branches, the trees didn't block the view of our home and we really felt like they would bloom better in the spring. Check out this blog for more information that could help you to keep your trees happy and healthy.

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What You Need To Know About Tree Trimming

If you have trees on your property, keeping them in good shape should be a priority. One way to maintain the health of your trees is through tree trimming. Trimming your trees allows you to get rid of dead or diseased branches that can hurt the overall health of a tree. Tree trimming also has aesthetic benefits since overgrown trees can detract from your curb appeal. If you have trees around your home, here are three things you should know about tree trimming. 

It Makes For Healthy Trees

If you want healthy trees, tree trimming is crucial. Trimming is the best way to remove damage from pests or diseases that can compromise the health of a tree. Trimming away impacted branches can also prevent these pests or tree diseases from spreading to other trees on your property. Often this preventative maintenance can prevent more significant issues with your trees down the line. Regular tree trimming also gives you some control over the appearance and growth of a tree. 

When It Comes To Cost, Size Matters

Tree trimming often requires special skills and equipment that the average homeowner does not possess, which is why many choose to hire a tree service professional to trim their trees. In general, the larger the tree, the more it will cost to trim. Tree trimming services can cost anywhere from $75 to $1,500, depending on the tree that requires trimming. Most homeowners end up spending between $200 and $760 for these services. There may also be additional expenses for cleanup after the trimming. Make sure you ask if branch pickup is included in a tree service's quote.

When To Trim

Another thing you should know about tree trimming is when to trim and when to avoid it. For most trees, trimming is best when the tree is dormant. The winter months are typically ideal for tree trimming since they will set your trees up for healthy spring growth. However, there are exceptions. Some species of trees may require a different trimming schedule. Also, if a tree has damage from insects, disease, or storms, it's best to seek out tree trimming sooner rather than later. 

Tree trimming is essential, but there are a few things you need to know. First, regular tree trimming can enhance the health of your trees. Second, tree trimming costs will vary, but services for large trees tend to cost more. Finally, knowing when to trim is crucial. For most trees, the winter months are the best time for trimming.